Placing Ads Inside Blog Post Without Affecting SEO

Normally website owners place ads in sidebars, header and/or footer but placing it inside the main article can  boost up your earnings but if is it safe to do that ?
The main content of your blog is the article and that's what the visitors come to see on your blog and placing ads in between the main article can give you a better CTR and better CTRL means more revenue, yup it's a great idea to put ads there but the question is, will it affect the blog's search engine rankings ? Yup, it can. If you put static ads (without JS) then it would affect the rankings and the way Google and search engine views your website, what happens is that the search engine would think that the ads are a part of your main content and it can lead to a complete misunderstanding.

How to make it better?

It's very simple, all you have to do is wrap the ad code in a <aside> like this:
//Your Advertisement Script Here
Now even being inside the article container it will not be a part of the main flow. For contents that's related to but not the part of the main content use this tag to make Google and search engine understand your content more efficiently. It's a W3C recommendation

Where else I can use it?

According to the specs you may use it for content that's related to the main flow but considered separate from it. It includes advertisement (already resolved), related post links, author info, navigation menu i.e breadcrumbs links etc.

It's not only important for search engine optimization but also improves the document layout of your website.

I want to know more about it

Great, there are lots of resources online you may find helpful.

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