Troubleshoot: No "Choose Files" in Image Uploader on Blogger

No "Choose Files" button appearing in the photo upload option in blogger ? It's a known issue and be fixed.

The new Blogger interface has many bugs and don't work properly with older versions of browsers and many functions in it are difficult to use. Recently blogger users are having difficultly in uploading photos to their post because of no "Choose files" in photo upload options.

What's the use of blogger if we can't even upload photos ? This is a frustrating problem but don't worry it can be fixed easily, there are two ways you can continue uploading pictures on your blog.

Use a new Browser

In this case the problem is with the browser, if you are using IE < 8  then try a newer and updated browser like Google Chrome. Download and install it here

There's no such problem in blogger on Google Chrome so you can now upload your pictures again.

Use the Upload in HTML mode

Don't want to switch to another browser ? No worries, you can still upload photos with a more basic upload interface that might work in IE too. In the blogger post editor you have two accessible mode Compose | HTML switch to HTML mode and upload image from there.

Thanks to Katney and DarkUFO
Note: This problem is reported to Blogger Engineers and they will soon fix it.