Retrieve Blog Posts from Old Deleted Blogger Blog

You had a blog some years back but then you deleted it, now you want to save those memories but the problem is you can't access the blog as it was deleted, so is there any way to retrieve those blog posts ? Yes it is and in this post I will tell you how.
It happens, we realize the importance of old memories later and then we want it back without any idea of how to get it. Many people use blog as their online public diary (sometimes private) to write about their daily experiences and memories but sometimes you feel that you don't need it anymore and some years later you want your old memories back, all the blog posts you posted you want it back, but the bitter truth will be that you deleted it and have no longer access to it.

Note: Google Reader will be discontinued from 1st July. Without Google Reader this trick will be ineffective. Make sure to backup your Google Reader content here

Enough discussion about the case, coming to the main topic, questions arises that how would you retrieve it the old posts ? Read further to know how

Retrieving back the blog contents

Every blogger blog has it's own feed URL and it's stored automatically on Google's server whenever you post it but when the blog get's deleted, you can no longer open the feed URLs but there's another way to do it :

Use Google Reader

Google reader is activated for every blogger blog by default and the posts fetched from the feed URL and are stored on your account. The most amazing thing about Google reader is that it doesn't delete the post even tough the blog is no longer online or has been deleted.

It's extremely easy to restore contents from your blog using Google reader, just follow these instructions  :
Login to your Google Reader ( using your Google Account user details.
Now we need the feed links to access the blog's feed using reader and the feed link is
I am sure you know what to change in the URL, the blog address! Ofcourse, if you want it to redirect to your blog you have to put in the correct URL. For example, if my blog address is my feed URL for Google reader should be
Now copy and paste the URL in your browser's address bar and Google reader page will open with all your post feed from the blog address you provided. Your old memories are back, yay!

Get XML version of your blog feed

Using Google reader you can also retrieve the blog's feed in XML format, it's not human readable but you saving those XML files on your computer you can view it offline using an XML file viewer. It's very useful if you want to transfer all those blog posts to a blog. Let's see how can we do it :

It's same as fetching the post using the feed URL on Google reader, this is also done by using reader but we will access the atom feed of the blog. The URL is:
Just remember to change in the address to your blog address.
The n parameter at the end of URL tells the server to return the number of posts defined, in this case it's set to 1000, but if you had more post to restore than that change it to a desired value.

For example I want to retrieve about 200 post from my blog, the URL I need to use would be
Change the URL so it redirects to your blog's feed and load it into a browser, you will see a page with XML markup, right click on the page and click "save as..", save it on your computer as an XML file.
Import it to a blog
These XML files are very useful, you can import it into another blog. To do it in blogger, follow these steps :
  1. Log into your blogger account 
  2. Use the dropdown menu next to your blog title and go to the Settings menu
  3. Go to the Other tab under Settings 
  4. On that page, click on Import Blog under Blog Tools
  5. A popup box will appear, click on Choose/Browse File and browse to the XML file you downloaded and click Import Blog to upload the file. 
  6. Great! Now all the post in that XML file would be uploaded to the blog and you can publish it all with one click. 
It was that easy! Now you know how to restore deleted posts.