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Hello , today we are talking about a brand new social network which is likely to be launch by April 2012. You maybe thinking what's so special in it and why should i join when i have Facebook,Twitter etc. So think about the new Facebook timeline which is worse of worst and think about twitter and it's awful servers which is always over capacity. History teaches us that we always need to make change like Facebook make change to profile to timeline , YouTube made change to it's template ,background etc. so why not we make a change to the way we get socialize. So for the change Zurker is here !

About Zurker
Zurker is not like Facebook - 'Facebook is always free and will be'', don't worry Zurker doesn't ask money for joining it ,instead of asking money they are giving users V-Share Stakes for referring friends. The most amazing thing about Zurker is that it's users are it's owner,they are not only a part of the network but a owner of network. So the democracy is the king here.So what are you waiting for join Zurker

How do I join Zurker
Current you cannot join Zurker directly , but by referrals of your friends. So here's your referral link if you want to join Zurker an give it a try:


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