How to find my Facebook join date ?

I was searching the internet to find a way to know my joining date on Faebook, this is January and I remember that 2011 January i jonied Facebook but don't remember the exact date, after minutes of searching i found a page where some ways were provided , but i already had that in my mind.

So I am writing those procedures 'find when i joined Facebook' :

1. First is the easiest one,whenever someone joins facebook ,they get emails from Facebook about verifying your account and welcome emails, so open your email which is associated with your Facebook and either go to the last page on email list or if the email service has a search option search for 'WELCOME TO FACEBOOK' it might then pop the result with Facebook welcome email ,check the date in the mail and we are done !

2. If you deleted the emails there is one more way put some ice on your head and remember who was your oldest friend on Facebook , just go to their profile and on right side there will be a arrow pointing down just click on it and then on SEE FRIENDSHIP on top there will be the date of when you became friend with him. It will surely find the nearby date in some cases it might be also the exact date.But if this doesn't work , check the next procedure.

3. We can also know the join date by the timeline , you all maybe familiar with the new Facebook Timeline , however removing it is not possible once you integrated it , but yet there's one trick to remove it. But if you want to find your date of join , and you don't know the oldest friend on Facebook or deleted the Facebook emails , then timeline can help you. In timeline just scroll down and you will find your Facebook join date.You can not only see your joni date but also your friend's join date if they have enabled Facebook timeline
The photo i am showing is not my join date because i have not enabled timeline.

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So these are some ways to know when did you joined Facebook , hope you liked this :)

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