Turn your pictures into ASCII with ASCIIFI

Converting pictures into ASCII text is an very old art, the art is continuing from the 60s .In this a picture is turned into text from a normal picture, back in the 60s when this there were not computer programs to make a picture ASCII , people used to do it with hands , those people who do this are professional and have years of experience of doing this.A human can do a better ASCII art than a computer because , if a human wants he can make the text like whatever he wants to make a perfect match picture to the original normal picture.

If you want to know more about the art, please visit Wikipedia page of ASCII Art .

an example of the ASCII art, I converted on of my pic to ASCII

 This is an example of ASCII Art. You will be able to make any picture like this.

Make ASCII from a picture

There are many websites which offer to make a normal picture to ASCII text. Even you can make a ASCII from picture on your own without and website's assistant, but it's very time consuming and who have time, so some wise fellows made fantastic prototypes with which you can make a picture to ASCII very easily, you can even drag and drop the picture from internet or your own PC, ultimately the process of converting the picture from normal to ASCII got easier.Show next I am going to show you how to change a picture to ASCII with ASCIIFI.com

Convert picture to ASCII with ASCIIFI
ASCIIFI is a website with which you can convert any picture eg. png, jpg, ico etc. to ASCII. It uses a PHP to convert pictures to ASCII. Let's see what are the steps to follow to convert the picture to ASCII. 
  • Go to asciifi.com
  • Now go below you will see a panel with control and upload tab
  • Now you can either upload a picture or copy link address and paste it into it
  • Now wait a minute or two and your picture is converted into ASCII
  • Use the ASCII anywhere you want and enjoy !
To see how the whole thing works, check the files at GitHub

So how was that ! Hope you liked it, keep ASCIIFYING and always visit StramaXon for more great websites to have fun over the internet.

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