Google get's a new style

So this the new year and everything is getting newer and so the Google is also experimenting on it's look,this look is not currently visible to all users , you can see this only when you are logged out because it's in test and when it's fully out you will be able to use it or may be a disable option too.
This time Google has removed the top bar and brought it into a hover menu, you will notice a small arrow pointing down near the GOOGLE logo in Google's homepage , you just need to hover it and list of menus will appear , if Google make this change and release it to all users it may be possible that some users will face difficulties to navigate through pages , because users were using the bar to navigate to VIDEOS,IMAGES,YOUTUBE etc and there was a sign in button too on the top bar. Yet there's the menu on left side and users can easily navigate through it too.
Have a look what Google is cooking for you !

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