Wish Happy Birthday message in Facebook chat

Today one of my friend requested me to teach how to make Happy Birthday Greetings in Facebook chat with customized font like the way i made
Happy New Year 2012 greetings which really got popular ! and many more smileys i made got popular and are being used on Facebook chat by Millions of people.Santa Claus , Troll FAce and Many smileys

So let's see
'How to make Happy Birthday Smiley in Facebook Chat' :-

Just Copy and paste this code in your friend's Chat window and wish him !Wishing your Friends in normal plain text is old use some text with magic !

[[125283894254720]] [[125022480947528]] [[125279847588458]] [[125279847588458]] [[125279884255121]]  
[[125279727588470]] [[125020217614421]] [[125279750921801]] [[125021194280990]] [[125283894254720]] [[125279830921793]] [[125022480947528]] [[125279884255121]] 

And you will get this :-

Remember you can make your own message , any message you want 'hi' 'hello' whatever you want here : MAKE YOUR OWN MAGICAL WORDS

Your friend will be really happy after seeing the message ! so is any of your friends having birthday ??.Just copy and paste the code !

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Thank you , 
Deepak Kamat

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