Blogs turned to .in from .com !

Today when I opened my blog , and was reading some articles on it to correct them, I noticed something strange and different, the address bar was giving the feel it used to give before it was only because the URL of my blog changed to .in from .com I was really shocked that what had happen, i did nothing yesterday or today to the settings, so what's the problem is ? So to satisfy myself, i tried to open my friend's blog who is also an Indian and his blog was also changed to .in from .com 

Then i came to know that the change was not only to my blog, but to all blog that did not have a paid domain. Only Indians, having a blog a address which was following changed to

We all know, there are many types of extension like .in, .com, .net, .org, .info etc. Some of extension describing the type of website, and other's like .in, .pak, .au etc. describes the country, the website belong from. To see a full list please visit this PAGE 

The .in extension is for websites in India, i am from India and all other blogs from India which has not been registered with paid domains changed to .in from .com, So does it mean, that blogs from other countries which has not been registered for domain names also changed to their respective country website extension. I have not found any blog yet.

It's not a problem at all that the blogs changed to .in from .com, because if we yet type the address like it will redirect us to

Unfortunately not even Google told us the reason that why it changed blog's address to .in, maybe it's to early, they will give reason afterwards, although we don't have any problem. But I am very curious about 'why this happened', maybe in future Google will give the reason. 

Thank you for readin. Do comment.