SOPA and PIPA endangered the future of open Internet. Wikipedia and many websites blacked out.

We all know Wikipedia is the most reliable source of information we ever search on Google , from a Mobile phone to Space Shuttle it gives as all information on 'What it is ?'. It's currently ranked on 6th in Alexa Ranking.We all come to know that how important is the open internet for us from keeping up with friends to making money we could do all this on Internet,but SOPA and PIPA is blocking all open internet site like Facebook,Google,Wikipedia,Yahoo for next 24 hours.Wikipedia says that U.S congressman are considering legislation that could damage the free and open internet today, means we would not be able to contact our friends or work on our website, without a free internet on this earth we will feel like we are in back 1920.

Currently websites are not blocked but will be blocked after midnight of 18th January , and Wikipedia has blacked out to spread the awareness. Many business will be down because of no internet. Millions of people would be jobless and many things will happen. So guys just pray for the open Internet !


See :  Mark Zuckerberg's post , YouTube's Post .

Do you want to oppose SOPA and PIPA ?
We want more people to support us and oppose SOPA and PIPA , you can also help us to protect our free and open internet by opposing. There are different ways to oppose for U.S people and people from other countries.
U.S People : Please Oppose here
People from other countries
Contact your local State Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or similar branch of government. Tell them you oppose SOPA and PIPA, and any similar legislation. SOPA and PIPA will affect sites outside of the United States, and actions to sites inside the United States (like Wikipedia) will also affect non-American readers -- like you. Calling your own government will also let them know you don't want them to create their own bad anti-Internet legislation.

I want some information on Wikipedia is there any way wikipedia will not show it's black out page ?
Yaa you can access information yet on mobile devices and smartphones , currently Wikipedia is showing the blackout page for awareness of these legislation by the Congressmen of U.S . All websites will be blocked for 24 hours period in midnight of 18 January (U.S Time) .

You maybe hearing that this is because of fight between Hollywood and Silicon Valley,but there's no such fight , it's all just a rumor , it's the SOPA and PIPA who is about to censor the internet and disable all regular internet users from accessing the free internet. Today many websites blacked out including Wikipedia to protest against SOPA and PIPA bills. FB,WikiPedia,Google and all free internet services are with us ! Don't worry peoples we will win the game, just share this article. so that more people will be aware of this.

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