Facebook Page - Facebook made a mistake in a post.

We all know Facebook is a giant social networking site where you interact with peoples you know in real life and keep up with your friends. Facebook is a big hit today because of it's hard work and perfectness , in no way it has any mistake including it Facebook Fan Page . So you want to know where Facebook made an mistake !

This mistake was in a post on Facebook Fan page, Facebook's page all post are professional and posted only after a review (maybe) to give the fans best experience with the post on the page but this mistake was too small and can be traced by an kids eye also.

I was browsing the Facebook fan page and then saw a post made on May 27 about  'Targeted Distribution & Prompts' , the photo consists of 2 pictures of Facebook screenshot to show some demo about it and i noticed something strange in that photo , it was a re-size tool usually used it photo editor to re-size a photo and Facebook also uses it to re-size photos.But the person who edited the photo didn't deselected the photo to remove the re-size tool and posted the picture with that re-size tool.

Here you see i also didn't removed the re-size tool but not my a mistake , i just kept it to show you.
See the original photo here : SEE THE PHOTO

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