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This blog is for every person looking for help in Blogger problems or just want to read some tips about blogging. The blog is getting good number of visitors every day and you can get profit from it.

Advertising your product, website or your own weblog on our blog gives you a chance to get some people interested in your product or website and that's how the internet business marketing works. The reason i am not using any ad service is because their ads aren't static and no one knows when and how they are displayed. 

Ad Sizes and it's rate

The bigger the ad, the more you have to pay. A larger and more visible ads always work better if compared to small ad sizes. See the ads sizes and it's rate
The values are in pixels


The largest ads we can provide. The price is less and affordable.
Price : $50 per month 


A rectangle banner, small but effective too.
Price : $40 per month 


The smallest logo/banner based ad. Very affordable
Price : $25 per month 

Special text ads

This is the special one, it looks less like a ad and more like content from the post. This will be at the end of the post with your link and a small summary of your content.
Price : $35 per month 

Contact to buy

Ready to advertise with us ? That will be a great opportunity for your business and our website. If you are ready with your ad banner with the appropriate size then send it to me at


I accept the payment through Paypal. Once you contact for the ads i will give you the further information.