Google Trolls their users on April Fools day 2013

Google the Internet giant surprised their user with the launch of a product called "Google Nose". It offers the user to small what they search for but there's more for your surprise. 

Ever wanted to smell something online ? Smelling is Believing. That's the tag line of Google Nose, first when I visited the product page of Google Nose, I almost believed it's true but yet I had some doubts because the day was not an ordinary day.

Here's the page where you can try Google Nose (beta)

And click the "Try Google Nose" button to try the new search feature and on the right side of the page click on smell, a dialog box may appear just click enter and you might get the smell of the thing you searched for. Isn't it awesome ? You can smell a perfume online before buying it, that's what it's made for !

But wait, did it worked ? No ? Ohh, too bad but wait, check their help page 

Update: Have you tried Google Maps in treasure mode ? Try it now

April Fool! When Google trolls, they do it in their own way, haha.

But wait, there's more Google got for you, they won't stop now. Stay alerted this April Fools' day.

Have a great day!