Why Get A Flash Free Website

Some years back, flash-based websites were a trend as web technologies were not capable of creating interactive designs so it was the only choice. But should you design your business site in Flash ?

When the web was relatively new and HTML was just used to create simple text documents then site owners had no other option to create an interactive web page so they used Flash but today when HTML5 is even capable of creating games site owners yet get Flash based sites for their business or hobby even after paying hundreds of Dollars.

But today there are many disadvantages of a flash based website especially if it's a business site. So when you hire a web designer the first thing you must make sure is if he's not doing it in Flash, and if his plans go for Flash-based site, say no to him and find a better web designer, often web design companies provide poor designs and services (not always) so make sure to check their portfolio and check if they use the new standards, you can do that by comparing some professional sites like CSS-tricks, SmashingMagazine etc. they uses some of the latest web technologies to design and develop their site.

It's often good if you hire a freelance web designer but check their portfolio too before giving them the work and money.

We were talking about disadvantages of Flash, yup, it can be really harmful to your sites in terms of search rankings and page performance. Following are some of the reason you must never get your business site created in Flash.

Not Search Engine Friendly

Flash content is not text and a search engine can just read text. So if you have your important text content in flash search engines won't be able to read it and rank your pages according to it. It's a total loss to get your website in Flash when you are trying to make it popular.

Not User Friendly too!

Flash player is not inbuilt in browser, an additional plugin is required to view flash content and when you have your complete site made in flash, an user without the plugin won't be able to see the website at all. And even if you prompt the visitor to install Flash plugin, 90% won't do it.

It does make beautiful animation but also makes the user's PC slow and sometimes lags which is not too beautiful. But today with HTML5, jQuery and CSS3 cool animations are possible without any extra plugin but with small lines of codes which is user friendly too.

Now People are used to Flash free sites

Yup, that's true, even when I am searching for something online and click on a link that leads me to a flash-based website I just feel it's better to leave the site. Not only me but most of the online traffic are a victim of Flash-phobia and that can affect your business.

Waste of Money

If you pay even $10 for a Flash website it's too much for that! One can create a flash based site with little knowledge of web languages as Flash objects are created with a tool called Adobe Flash Maker and the designer don't even have to write a single line of code to design the site body whereas designers who design sites in new web technologies writes 10s of thousands codes to make a site effective.

The Decision is Yours

We tried our best to explain your why you shouldn't pay for a Flash-based site for your business and also tried to mention their disadvantages here. Because when you are paying you must get the best, not just anything.

But the final decision depends on you and what you want. Anyways, thanks for reading,