Getting a Blog Address Already Taken but not Used

You all know Blogger is a free service and you need to pay nothing to get a free blog with your own unique blog address (with a prefix) but not everyone's not that lucky to get their favourite blog address.
Blog address i s not a major issue but yet people badly wants their desired address for their blog. If you were not able to get a blog address because it's already taken but not used by the current owner, it's obvious to get frustrated. You want that address but you can't get it just because someone else owns it and they don't even write anything on it.

Contact the blog owner

Blogger don't delete a blog even it haven't been updated since 10 years , blogger doesn't delete a blog for inactivity. But don't lose hope you there are still chances to get the desired address. If you can find contact information on their blog, blogger profile or any other social networking site and if he/she is a friendly person you can ask him/her to transfer the blog address to your account.

But why transfer, Can't he just delete it and then I can create the blog with that address ? No! Don't do it or you will have to wait 3 months or more to get that blog address. When you delete a blog on blogger, it isn't deleted instantaneously, the user have 90 days to undelete it. So the blog address doesn't become available before 90 daysr. Read more here :

And to learn how to transfer blogs between two accounts read this

Can't contact the owner?

If there's no way to contact the blog owner you have less chances to get that blog address. Many people on Blogger Help Forum request Blogger to get them their desired blog address even if it's being used for an other blog, but blogger can't do it. Blogger can't harass owner for the blog address.

What should I do now?

I believe a blog address doesn't matter that much for a blog. You couldn't get a neat blog address like try something different like there's no advantage or disadvantage in using any of those blog address, what readers really want is content. Read this

But if you still want a your desired blog address, consider buying a custom domain, which cost not more than $10 per year. Try GoDaddy, search for a domain from here

Or if you want a self hosted website, GoDaddy has those services too

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