Hire Me

Yup, you can hire me to design your designs or to make your website work. I am free to be hired and I provide web design/development services you might want to take benefit of.
Want some help with designing your website or want to make your blog/site work smart then what are you waiting for, hire me and get it done without having to get messed in codes.

I am a web designer/developer. I am an active HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, XML coder. Need a new design for your blog/website ? I will do it for you. Get what you don't even get from big companies even after paying thousands of dollars. I am an individual, not associated with any company and you only have to pay the designer/developer fees, forget the company's commission money.

Product Page Designing (new)

Are you a medium sized company who manufactures and sells goods ? If yes then having a product page for your products on your website is a vital thing.

I design product page designs according to the latest design trends which includes Parallax page layout which is found to be very effective for product presentation on websites. For example, check the Apple's style of product presentation : http://www.apple.com/ios/ios7/

If you want something like that for your own product then I am there to do it for the lowest possible price. As I often work for medium size business, I don't charge much. Also because I like to code.

Don't wait, contact me today for your own freshly design product page.

Mail me at : depy45631@gmail.com

Web Designing

Need a new look for your Blog or website ? Then you are at the right place. Get a complete new design that works good on every browser with the latest CSS3 technologies for advanced design. High quality designs with great functionality. Not only design but interactive elements on webpages are also important which is put on your blog by using the new standard of HTML, the one and only HTML5 !

The prices may vary for different sites and the work needed to design the desired design from you (the client). Contact me on my email depy45631@gmail.com for the deal. 

Adding Functionality

Your blog have good design but don't have interactive functionality then it can't keep your visitors for more time on your blog. I myself when visit websites with different and interactive designs I stay on the site for a longer time. Don't even think about Flash, it's old, outdated and can slow down your site, which can make your visitor leave the page. We use the advanced jQuery and jQuery UI techniques to add functionality on your (client) blog/website.

The prices for adding functionality is lower than web designing, as designing a whole website includes adding functionality. The prices may vary depending on what you want. Contact me on depy45631@gmail.com

See some of my works

You will find most of my design and developing works on this blog but there I often create web projects to add it to my portfolio. Some are below :
Changing Screen Project
This is my first professional web project, focused on the new CSS3 technology called Media Queries. It shows how a website/blog can be designed to display on different screen sizes, so you don't miss any audience

Reiulanus Responsive Blogger Template
This is a blogger template made for every devices. The template has a simple but attractive design with rich functionality.

Let's Open the Door
This is an small example of interactive web pages. We used the HTML5 audio API to make the sound effect which makes it lively. We can create such pages for you at lowest cost possible, and by "such" we mean with such Interactive elements.