A Review of the Blogger App for Android

Used and loved by millions of bloggers and content creators around the World, it is just very natural and obvious for Blogger to bring out an Android App to let its users to what they love on the go, but is it really worth the install?

I have been away from Blogger and blogging for quite a while now, but just recently heard about the official Blogger app for Android, well, there was one some few years back but it was a nightmare from what I remember.

The new app looks sleek, the design blends with the roundish material design of the latest Android UIs, and overall looks very, dull. Yes, while other Google apps, like Gmail, Messages etc. are pretty useful in the kind of design and layout they possess Blogger doesn't.

For a Blogging app the design is bland, features that should be there on a blogging app are missing. It looks more like a note keeping app. Of-course you get a mobile optimized writing experience but you can do pretty much the same thing by visiting Blogger.com on your mobile browser.

While I think the app is a good step for people who are more comfortable with using apps for most of their work, it still isn't enough to urge a person from not using the desktop version of the platform on their mobile browser - after-all you trade scale of the site for a lot of features you need on a blogging app.

Google needs to do a lot more work on the app to make it look, feel and work like a real Blogger app and less like a note keeping app.