Changing The URL Of Blogger Posts Even After It's Published

With small advancements in Blogger, users were provided many new options to customize their blog and blog posts for a better search experience, like adding search description and changing the permalink.

But there's a catch, once you publish your post and then try to edit the permalink, you can not! In this tutorial we will explain how you could change the permalink even after it has been published.

Note: Editing of permalink means the older links that points to the post would no longer work. And the customized post would be seen as a new post by the search bots, with the content that was located at another URL before.

Changing the permalink of the post after it has been published is not allowed, as long as the post is in the published status it wouldn't let you do that. That is for obvious reasons, but sometimes you might feel the need of customizing the URL of a post.

Change The Permalink

Let's get to the point, but before that let me warn you again that doing this is similar to creating a new post, copying the content of another published post, pasting it in the new one, setting the date and changing the permalink as per your need and then deleting the old one.

1. Reverting the post to draft

It is only possible to edit the permalink of the post when it is in the draft mode, so we have to first revert our post to draft in order to be able to edit it.

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Navigate to the list of Posts and open a published post in Post Editor
  • In the post editor, click on the "Revert to draft" button on the top right of the post editor page right next to the orange button that must read "Update".

  • Now that the post is back in the draft mode, you might now be able to use the "Permalink" option under "Post Settings" to change its URL. Click on the "Permalink" tab on the right sidebar, select the "Custom" radio button and then enter your desired URL for the post.

That is it. Once you have input the desired permalink for the post you are set to publish the post again.

Redirecting Old URLs to the New

If your aim is to just change the URL for presentation purpose while keeping the old URLs still active (considering you have shared the blog post at a lot of places, or others have shared it on social sites and their blogs) then the best option for you is to set a custom redirect.

Blogger has a tool for setting custom redirects for URLs on your blog, and it is very easy. You may find this article by Help Blogger helpful to understand how custom redirects work and use it correctly.

How to Set Custom Redirects in Blogger

Facing difficulties in going through the steps? Let us know in the comments below.