Hiding Newer - Older Post Links Below Posts in Blogger

The older - new post links or blog pager links are one of the most basic part of a blog. It provides an easy access to other blog posts on the blog. If you want to remove it then continue reading the tutorial.

In this short tutorial you will learn how to control the display of the three links below each posts called Blog pager (Newer - Older Post and Home link).

There can be many reasons you want the the Newer - Older post links to be removed from your blog. One can be that you are using your blog for just a single paged blog and in that case any blog pager links are not necessary.

Hiding it with CSS

The blog pager has three links Newer Post, Home and Older Post, if you want to remove only a specific link(s) I have provided the code for that too. Let's start with the code to hide the all the three links.
To learn how to add the CSS codes in your template, see this tutorial:
How to add CSS to Blogger

Hiding All Three Links

Hiding elements on web pages is not a rocket science, all you need is a small snippet of code. To hide the pager links we need this a one line CSS code
#blog-pager {display:none;}

Hide the 'Newer Post' link

To hide just the "Newer Post" link in the blog pager use the following CSS code
#blog-pager-newer-link {display:none;}

Hide the 'Home' link

Using this code will hide the Home link in the blog pager
#blog-pager .home-link {display:none;}

Hide the 'Old Post' link

And use this for hiding the "Older Post" link
#blog-pager-older-link {display:none;}

A little note..

Using CSS to hide these links wouldn't remove the links from the HTML document but it will simply hide it from view, this is easier than and safer than removing it from the root. But if you still want to entirely remove it then try this